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Emergency Shelter for Somerset County Residents

United Way of the Laurel Highlands, 

2017 Allocation Announcements and Annual Meeting...see article below

From left to right:  Paul Bomboy, Board of Director; Art Gotjen, Board of Director; Justin Kerrigan, Transitions Coordinator; Lisa Wengerd, Executive Director; Marlene Gotjen, Board of Director; Brenda Shaffer, Board of Director.

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We are pleased to announce today May 4, 2017  that the Next Step Center has been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. This funding will be used towards our evening shelter care program which helps homeless men and women integrate back into the community with the help of innovative life skills classes and case management. Thank you to the Directors, staff and donors of the Community Foundation of the Alleghenies for funding this much needed program to our community.


The Next Step Emergency Homeless Shelter provides:

Emergency shelter (up to 30 days) to eligible, low-income families and individuals from Somerset County who, due to situational crisis, are at risk of becoming homeless.


Referral services, information and assistance that will enable guests to relocate to permanent housing within the 30 days allowed.


The Shelter is open to all eligible Somerset county residents and requires guests to follow the rules and regulations that support accepted life-skills and establish a safe environment for all guests, staff, and volunteers.


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Transitions is a evening shelter care program coordinated by Justin Kerrigan.  Transitions provides life skills education workshops as well as one on one case management sessions that focus on our guests needs. 

With the successful completion of their shelter stay will lead way to a fresh start in their journey to achieve stability upon exit from the shelter.


The Next Step Center utilizes its extensive network of resources and partnerships to achieve the necessary support in areas of Health & Wellness, Financial Wellness, Self Sufficiency, Recovery Wellnes, Family Wellness.  

We would like to thank our partners for providing funding for this program  United Way of the Laurel Highlands and the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.

What's Happening:

MAY 3, 2017 The Next Step Center was a proud recipient of a $10,000 grant from the UNITED WAY OF THE LAUREL HIGHLAND for the Transitions Program an evening shelter care program. This grant will ensure that this program will continue to provide quality life skills classes as well as one on one case management session to all who come to our shelter. Thank you United Way of the Laurel Highlands and we look forward to working with you in future projects for our communities.


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This young man right here "Chance Heidorn" had a 7th birthday party and rather than receive gifts he collected all this for the Next Step Center. We are beyond grateful! To his mom Amanda you sure are raising an amazing kid who is aware of the needs around him. We had a great visit while he was there with us. Justin Kerrigan and I are proud of our new friend. Thank you to all his birthday guest who participated.

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Donations Make a Difference

Although we currently receive the state Emergency Shelter Grant, which is a dollar for dollar matching grant, donations from the Somerset Community are necessary in order to access these funds.


Without the support of our local Clubs, Churches, organizations and many kind individuals, it would be difficult to maintain the day to day operations of our shelter.




THRIVENT March 20, 2017

$250 Cleaning supply donation!!

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                                    MARCH 2017 ADDITION  see PDF Link above